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Are you an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or do you own a specialty ‘niche’ business?

“3 Critical Changes Have Recently Occurred That Carry Massive Potential To Slow Your Sales To A Snails Pace,
Give Unworthy Opponents Serious Power Over Your Company,
And Hurt Your Business For The Next Decade…”

The Scariest Part Is That 97.9% Of Business Owners Have No Clue, Yet!

Over the last year 3 Critical Changes occured that caused a monumental shift in how you must NOW market your business. Like it or not, 99.9% of local businesses are being affected and most of them have no clue what what you are about to learn.

It does not matter if you are a contractor, a doctor, an attorney, or even a retailer ,
ALL local businesses owners are either going to SINK or SWIM during this 180 degree market shift.

Some are calling this SHIFT, the “Game Changer” because it INSTANTLY affects whether a customer, client, or patient buys from your or your competition.

If you are one of those who choose ignore the change, it WILL quietly eat away at your profits…

It’s really up to you! You either choose to be uniformed like 98% of local business owners who just sit back and watch the 2% DOMINATE their markets or YOU can keep reading and become part of the top 2% .

Here Are The 3 Critical Changes Which Have Recently
Caused This Monumental Marketing Shift.

First, if you go to Google and type in any business name plus city or town, you will now see that Google has put good AND bad reviews that other people have written about your business front and center. Your reputation is now exposed for everyone to see.

Even worse, these reviews can be from ex-employees, unhappy customers, or even YOUR COMPETITION. Your reviews now also show up in Google+ Local, PPC (pay per click), National SEO, websites, and even third party local directories.

UNLIKE NEVER BEFORE, your customer reviews and your online reputation are now MAJOR deciding factors that carry Instant Influence on people who are ready to buy.

What makes matters worse is that the power to review your business has been given to everyone, including those seeking to gain an unfair advantage over you. So, your business could be unfairly targeted by this shift if you don’t pay attention.

Second, data now proves that almost 9 out of 10 people are reading online reviews before they make an important buying decision.

Your reviews now affecting your sales because they determine how much TRUST is given to your company BEFORE THE SALE. Remember people are reading them, BEFORE THEY BUY, not after.

Over the last year, each Google update has only made online reviews stand out more. Remember this is only several months old now, so it’s only going to get more popular and increase in use as the numbers below clearly demonstrate. Plus, your reviews are now showing up everywhere.

    • 85% of consumers are reading online reviews.
    • 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.
    • 77% of people read less than 6 reviews before forming an opinion.
    • The majority of consumers will read 6-10 reviews for an important buying decision.
    • More people are reading reviews this year than they were last year.
    • People who read reviews are forming their opinions faster.

Bottom line, your business could be losing sales and profit DAILY without a proactive review system for you customers, clients, or patients.

Third, and most important, EVERY advertising dollar your business currently spends is being instantly affected by your good, bad, or weak online reputation.(SEO, Pay Per Click, Facebook, Billboards, Direct Mail, Yellow Pages, etc).

If your business is spending money on advertising to get more customers, more clients, or more patients and you are not being proactive with your reputation, I GUARANTEE YOU ARE LOSING SALES.

Please stop wasting resources and get help immediately.

Do you think it will help your business or hurt your business if you have a great advertising campaign and everyone who searches your company reads bad or weak reviews about your business?

Oops, there goes another sale before you even had the chance.

It’s Like A “Cancer” Eating Away At Your Business…
Making It Harder For You To Get A Constant Flow Of New Customers, Clients, Or Patients.

Ignoring your reputation is like ignoring cancer… It’s simply NOT an option. Every day its left alone, it continues to grow and worsen, just like a disease.

Would you ignore cancer if you knew you had cancer in your body? No… So don’t ignore the cancer growing around your business. It can fester and kill your business silently.

The good news if treated properly, this cancer can also be used as a medicine or even a stimulant to grow your business. This can be very simple if you have the right tools and process in place to proactively develop and manage your online reputation.

To perfectly monitor, manage, and market your reputation we developed a proprietary system for local online Reputation Marketing, which we call our M4 Reputation Marketing Process.

M4 system starts with a complete detailed review of your company’s online visibility, mentions, reviews, blog posts, articles, press, news, etc.

Our system finds EVERYTHING and also generates a detailed report with reputation analysis for your business. If a “Cancer” has been unleashed on you as a weapon of mass destruction against your business, M4 will find it, and we will help you fix it!

An ongoing strategic Reputation Marketing campaign will also begin to develop, monitor, market, and manage your 5 Star Reputation online.

When you combine our M4 Reputation System with our Proprietary Rapid Automated Profit System (RAPS) or with our Online Presence System (OPS), your business can grow exponentially faster. Each of our systems are designed to increase sales, increase customer value and to work seamlessly with each other.

It all begins with a short 15 minute phone call to determine if we are a good fit to work together.

What Is The Next Step?

First, get your FREE copy of our $97 whitepaper report, “The Reputation Factor” Just click here.

This report will show you:

    • How To Include Local Reputation In Your Marketing.
    • How You Can “Own” Your Market by Combining A 5-Star Reputation With the Right Marketing Tactics.
    • How Ignoring Your Online Reputation Can Destroy Your Business.
    • How You Can Develop Your Own 5-Star Reputation in 5 Simple Steps.

Regardless of whether we work together or not, I am absolutely confident our whitepaper report (Valued at $97) will help you and be valuable to your business.

Second, request a 15 minute complimentary phone consultation with me. No sales pitch, no BS, no hype, just a small set of questions to go thru which will determine if it makes sense to move forward together. To schedule your complimentary phone call either call our scheduling manager, Briana at (727) 378-9477, or simply fill the appointment request form below.

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